About Us


“some are lost in the fire and some are built from it.”

FENIX is a family-run business, headed by Ethan Pritchard, living locally in North Brisbane.

Ethan is first and foremost, a dedicated family man. He has built his life around family and being a Husband to his wife, Georgina and father to their 8 children, is his life’s greatest blessing.

Having lived and breathed bikes since 13 years of age, Ethan has racked up 30 years of knowledge and hands-on experience through competing at a State and National level; working as Head Bike Mechanic and Bike Shop Manager at various well-known stores throughout NSW, and many years road cycling and mountain biking for recreation.

Ethan has taken his passion for all things “bikes” and has merged his skills with the tools, his need to personalise the customer experience, to build a business doing something he thoroughly enjoys.

The FENIX (phoenix) is all about rebirth, new beginnings; rising from the ashes.
This is my FENIX.

Companies we have worked with

These companies helped to get Fenix Cycles and Mechanical on the road